With this blog I don’t want to just expose the negative things in this world for the ones who want to be aware of what’s going on, but especially trying to highlight the beauty I come across. Personally I’m going to try to make this blog as Yin/Yang as I possibly can.

This post is definitely part of the amazingly good stuff this world has to offer.

Enjoy this masterpiece of Carlos Salzedo (1885 – 1961), played by Lavinia Meijer on her album Divertissements (2008). Absolutely worth buying if you’re into classical in general, or harp music in particular.

Here is a video recording of a harpist playing the same song, but the audio quality is not so great to be honest:

But…. even if I can hardly imagine that someone doesn’t like the Variations-track, for those (and anyone else obviously :) this track can hopefully bring some positive vibes: ‘Astradeni’ by Michalis Koumbios (one of the tracks on the Syrna album)