Illustration: Simon Bosch

I can’t make someone like something. I admit, I often wish I could. Especially with music it’s often the case that I try people around me whom I care about to like something that I like. Well, ‘liking’ is not really what I meant. It’s more the ‘ultimate touch right in the heart’-feeling that I want to share.

That said, it’s especially difficult to introduce something to someone else if they are ‘new’ to that particular subject. Opera for example. Classical music in general is dying a slow death when I observe young people all over the world. Even though some still seem to really appreciate it, it’s becoming more rare as time passes. Few parents listen to it, therefore the ear of the child is less ‘trained’ to appreciate it (even at a later stage in life).

Harpsichord, source: Wikpedia

When I take myself as an example, my mother was a regular listener of classical music when I grew up. It was not a matter of liking it or not, it was just on in the living room and kitchen, so when we were around, we’re listening to it as well. When I was 7 or 8, I had to go the local ‘music school’ and learned playing two instruments as well. The flute to start with to learn the basics like reading music and the feeling of playing an instrument. After that I chose the harpsichord as the instrument to play for a while.

As a teenager I listened to more popular songs, influenced by the radio’s everywhere around me.

But now, a little more than a decade later, I’m proud when I realize that I’ve developed a very wide taste in music. I’ve been a DJ for a while and still can enjoy DJ-ing at home or just listening to electronic music like house, techno, club or regular dance, I also listen to folk, world music, classical music, ‘new age’/ambient and many many other genres. The only thing that never really touched me was ‘rock’ (including metal, hard rock, indie etc.). But country can touch me. French chansons too.

Jazz can’t really touch me. I just don’t have the ‘feeling’ for it. Obviously I can enjoy many songs from various artists, but do I really, really love it? No, not really.


I’ve built a digital collection of nearly 90,000 tracks, but in my 6-star iTunes playlist there are only 261 songs at the moment. I created that 6-star playlist to distinguish the amazing songs (6 stars) from very good songs (5 stars).

Somehow I feel that some songs, even if I don’t understand why, better fit to my spirit, soul or mind. Not sure how to explain that. I just seem to resonate better to those songs, or voices. Cecilia Bartoli’s voice for example. Or Vicki Brown’s. But also Roger Whittaker, Gianna Nannini, Josh Groban, Paco de Lucía and Vivica Genaux are part of that list.

Since I’m not just listening to music a lot, but also researching a lot about anything that has anything to do with sound, music and vibrations, I can just come to the conclusion that our body resonates to those vibrations and depending on how it resonates, it feels good, or it doesn’t (and everything in between).

If you’re interested, I can highly recommend this book: Musicophilia – Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks.

The influence the classical music had on me at a young age, made a difference inside me. I’m confident about that. If I would have been raised with mostly The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd my body would have resonated differently to other types of music.

Therefore I think it’s important that parents show their children the different types or genres in music. It can make a huge difference at a later age. For my me personally music is my undoubted number 1 positive escape in this world (from this world). I go out, have friends, interesting talks, a nice business, money to buy what I need and want, but when I listen to music, I feel true enlightenment.


Well, here I go. I’ll try to give you something that makes me absolutely happy. Completely, including my heart, lungs, legs and fingertips :) Everything inside me becomes completely satisfied, happy, sad, moved, sensitive, all at the same time. Complete. Maybe.

Viva Vivaldi

In this video Cecilia Bartoli performs Vivaldi pieces, “Viva Vivaldi”.

Even if you know just a few classical songs, and therefore the term ‘opera’ scares you ;) – please give it a try. Relax, lean back, and even close your eyes. Just let it come to you.

And… if you do like it, even if only one single reader of this article will have the feeling (or something as amazing) as I have, my mission is accomplished :) I really feel that way.

Enjoy, watch this concert online:

“Viva Vivaldi” by Cecilia Bartoli

(full video, 1 hour and 46 minutes).

Needles to say, but if you like the video you can also buy it somewhere if you feel like supporting Cecilia Bartoli.