George Clooney aka Mr. Butterfly aka Mr. Farfalla aka Jack aka Edward. The Monarch slave, the assassin. His programmers want to get rid of this monarch slave because he’s loosing his ‘edge’ as a mind-controlled assassin, tháts what The American is about.

Father Benedetto to Jack:

“You can not doubt the existence of hell.
You live in it.
It is a place without love.

Relevant trivia

The tattoo on Jack’s right shoulder reads “Ex Gladio Equitas”, which translates as “Justice From The Sword”; an apt motto for an assassin.
Source: IMDB

When Jack is eating dinner with the priest, music from Madama Butterfly is playing in the background. Mathilde and Clara’s nickname for Jack is Mr. Butterfly.
Source: IMDB

Snapshots from the movie