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Really worth subscribing & listening to: School Sucks Podcast: the end of public education

School Sucks Podcast in iTunes

Thanks to Stefan Molyneux for the tip.

Scanning the track list of the DMC DJ Only 138 CD, I came across a remarkable track title: “Why Don’t You Love Me (MK Ultra Radio Mix)” from Beyoncé. WTF?!

I mean… Of course they can come with an excuse that this ‘MK Ultra’ has a different meaning. But I can only think of one. Project MK Ultra (or MKULTRA or MK-Ultra). Listen to the song and decide for yourself: Read the rest of this entry »

Vigilant Citizen, a blog I really respect, wrote a new piece of the rise of occult symbolism in popular music. This time a song/video from Russia. Read the article here: Vintage’s “Mikkie”.

This song appears on the new album of Винтаж (Vintage) called ‘Sex’. Not just the title is shocking, but notice the text written on her veil: “Fuck me”. Even if you don’t understand or see the occult symbolism, there should be a little voice inside you warning you: “WTF is this?!”. Read the rest of this entry »

Because I don’t live in the UK and don’t watch TV often, I never came across Charlie Brooker before. But I’ve to say, I enjoy these two video’s: Read the rest of this entry »

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