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During a quite emotional podcast episode from Freedomain Radio (FDR1806 Sunday Call in Show 12 December 2010″) I came across a great quote from Stefan Molyneux… I struck me because this one is very applicable to my own life. I’m worried about so many things that I often literally feel stuck. Honestly I am stuck right now in my professional life.

(starts with the question from a boy at 53:32)

“Don’t try to sail your ship now by how the wind is going to be in three days.
You have to sail with the winds are they are now.”

Note: if there is a spelling mistake in the quote above, please notify me about it :) I slightly modified it because it was part of a conversation.


An emotional video I only recently discovered by Stefan Molyneux, very much worth watching…

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Sorry, I just posted the first video of the serie “The Truth About Voting” – but it’s so damn good, I wanted to post the 3 together here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Same shit, different asshole

Hope this video will help Ron Paul‘s movement somehow. Or the Tea Party movement. Or better, the anti-illuminati movement. Because this world does needs change, real change. November 2, 2010 a new step towards a better world can be made. Read the rest of this entry »

Really worth subscribing & listening to: School Sucks Podcast: the end of public education

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Thanks to Stefan Molyneux for the tip.

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